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Natural Hair Photographer Jeff Brooks

Jeff Brooks aka @photog4naturals is a Natural Hair Photographer

I’m so glad to meet you and I’m very glad you dropped by my website. Thanks for taking time to visit and to learn a little about me.

The most interesting fact of learning more about me is to know that I’m living in my purpose and am fulfilled as a photographer in the joy of doing what I love. My passion as a photographer started many 15 years ago with photography as a hobby.  Then five years later I acquired my first studio. Grinding hard, and shooting with perfect lighting daily just was not my thing.  that  I was grinding hard in my first studio photographer, before finding myself specializing in event coverage, social media, and public relations services to the “natural hair community” .

I’m a self-taught photographer, that bought every book I could lay my hands on, along with YouTube, online classes, and attending workshops has taught me well. But, the best part of developing into a good photographer is to just shoot, shoot, shoot, and then shoot some more. It’s the best way of learning and I took that approach for shooting everything, and everybody. My genuine love of people brought me outside the confinement of studio walls to photograph birthday celebrations, business events and wedding that I really love. From there led to corporate events, and headshots that included public relation photography. All in all my studio background and commercial shooting has come full circle from shooting models and fashion to the world now of the natural hair community.

So, to all my Queens and Naturalista Sistas, I’m your guy friend professionally to capture and provide all your photography needs. Please be sure to follow me on Instagram and all social media platforms!

Peace and Love!