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This brotha is very excited about producing a project! It’s a pleasing desire for creatives of expressing with their crafts and talents. And in my 15 years as a professional photographer, the many journeys, and the labor of love of doing what I love, now is the time.

My Natural Hair Journey

My Natural Hair Journey Project!

My first project is called My Natural Hair Journey. A collection of 100 women natural hair journey stories from all facets of life, sharing a intimate 5 minute hair story relating to whatever about being, going or transitioning natural that really stands out, and can resonant with another sista. MNHJ is being produced as a video along with photos of women I believe will evoke emotions to uplift, inspire, encourage and educate.

MNHJ project will be produced from a variety of women young, old, relaxed hair transitioners, bloggers, vloggers, Influencers, hair professionals, hair care product makers and more. MNHJ project will also be produced with educational and resources from hair professionals that can help with obtaining and maintaining healthy hair. The promotions of these stories will be showcased featuring 30-45 second video clips on My Natural Hair Journey dot com website.

MNHJ project kicks off March 2017 and will span 3 months of producing touring major cities and attending natural hair events. It will be available by digital download and DVD in August. If you would like to be considered to participate or would like additional information regarding sponsorship, please personally contact me, Jeff Brooks at